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What is NEED/DONE exactly?

It’s an app that helps you create your own “village” made up of friends and neighbors that share their favorite resources with each other (inspired by a Brooklyn-based working parent think tank) to help parents get some back-up help with kids or at home when they need it most. All you need to do is press a button to call for trusted help/resources your friends already use and like.

What's a "Go-to"?

That’s what we call a go-to resource your friends already use and trust. Go-tos on NEED/DONE not only take care of kids, but also help with other home and personal errands that are hard to manage when life gets busy. People who declutter, run errands, cook, walk dogs, mail large bulky objects, wait for and assemble large bulky objects and even organize closets.

What kind of help are we talking about?

Anything you need when stressed or short on time. Anything from picking up your kid after school, to organizing your closet, to helping you plan a birthday party, to raking the leaves you don’t have time to take care of. Whatever you can use some backup for. (‘Cause really, who can afford to ’lean in’ without a full-time staff?)

BONUS: The app provides a real convenience – an easy way for busy parents to ask for help from trusted Go-tos they can access immediately – without all the usual calling, texting, stressing, pleading, sometimes begging and usual back-and-forthing it takes to get the help you need when you get stuck at work or could use a hand.

How does it work? Is there a monthly subscription? (Or hourly cost?)

No, you just pay as you go, by the hour. There’s no contract or monthly subscription for those who are up for sharing resources with friends.

Babysitter / (suggested 2 hr. minimum)

»$17/hr for 1 kid, $19/hr for 2, $21/hr for 3+

Personal/Home Helper (Decluttering, making a weeks worth of soup or baby food, returning things to stores, framing and hanging pictures, organizing photos, painting a room, putting party favors together, walking dog, picking up presents, raking leaves, picking up groceries, food prep, closet organizing, packing, selling/buying/researching/returning stuff online, digital photo organizing)


Other (Any other kind of help you needCleaner, gardener, personal stylist, nutritionist, caterer, personal trainer, tutor, therapist, tree surgeon, plumber, etc.)

»“Pay what you want” per hour or session fee-100% negotiable with those Go-tos who respond to your request before you hire them.

Do I pay to use my own Go-to sitter?

Nope. Anytime NEED/DONE connects you to your own Go-to, it’s free of admin fee. Mainly as a thank you for sharing and extending the extra hours of someone you rate to your village. Our 5% transaction fee only applies to jobs where we connect you to someone else’s Go-to. This helps us make improvements to the app – tailoring it to help you score more help and better serve your needs when you need a hand.

How does this all work from my Go-to babysitter's perspective?

Nothing changes between you and your favorite sitter, except that planning, scheduling and paying becomes a whole lot easier. Not only have you eliminated those mad dashes to the atm machine before you see them, but you can get also help from other trusted sitters if your sitter can’t do the job. You’re also now able to keep using them even if you reduce their hours by giving them the chance to work more hours with other local parent friends.

Should I be worried about other people stealing my regular Go-to?

We frown on that, so make a point of protecting your hours (the hours you’ve already agreed with your favorite Go-to sitter ) by flagging a conflict to the Go-to sitter, and alerting others that they’re already working for you at that time.

We set this up so we could encourage people to share resources they use and like with each other. This includes respecting and trusting each other to not steal date night sitters or dog walkers or favorite organizers from the person who’s been kind enough to share that person’s free hours with the group.

What if I don’t have a sitter I rate right now?

Not a problem, we not only let you use the app twice before you need to add one to continue using the app, but we can also help you find one. We not only have handy profiles and references you can follow-up on, but we also organize fun Go-to mixers so you can find someone you like. Once you find a Go-to you click with, just use them and rate them. This lets you join and use the NEED/DONE network free of charge, and start building your village so you can tap into other great Go-tos your parent friends recommend.

And while you rummage through your contact list for a great Go-to you like – anyone you like who helps you out on occasion for the odd date night or even who cleans, declutters, run errands, cooks, walks dogs, organizes birthday parties, mails large bulky objects, waits for and assembles large bulky objects and even organizes closets, you can always keep using the app for a small monthly fee.

Why go through us (vs just calling my friend and getting her sitter’s number?)

You can always keep sourcing trusted sitters that way. We just make it easier. By using our app you can reach out to their go-to sitter, as well as a bunch of other trusted Go-tos at the exact same time; this way you more efficiently get your request out without all that extra back and forthing – sending all of your selected trusted Gotos a single message, so you can get an answer back fast.

Why not call a sitter directly (once I have her contact info?)

You can do that too. But do so at your and the Go-to’s peril… What we mean is that you might inadvertently get you both suspended for violating the trust of your parent friends – who rely on sharing a healthy pool of shared resources. It’s vital that that pool not be depleted so more people can be helped when they’re in a pinch – a pool which includes a bunch of Go-tos with different skill sets, specialties and different chunks of free time for you to tap into.

If found out, we’ll just politely suspend your account.

Can I always trust NEED/DONE to come through?

We can’t guarantee someone will always answer your request, but we do give you the best chance possible. If you find that no one is answering your request, we encourage you to edit your job and extend your ask to the greater network (“All Network Go-tos”) to increase your chances.

Can I ask for a particular Go-to?

Not really. That would be unfair on all the other Go-tos who’d like to put their hand up to help. But if the one you particularly like is  among your regular Go-tos (Home>My Village>Go-tos,) they will see your request. In fact, all your favorite Go-tos will see your request when you select “My Gotos”. If none of your favorites respond or aren’t available, you can always extend your request to others (“My Go-tos and my friend’s Go-tos” or “All Network Go-tos”.)

Is there any limit to the number of friends I invite to join my network?

No limit. You can invite as many as you’d like to your network. You can even ask to participate in one of our monthly speed-sitting sessions for all your friends and their Go-to sitters to meet each other.

Can I check out a demo of the app?

Yes of course! Click here!

If I’m confused about something, have a suggestion, or want to register a complaint, how do I do that?

Feel free to contact us through the app (just click on the “Contact Us” icon at the bottom of every page.) We need to hear about anything you don’t like to make NEED/DONE better – because we’re building it for you.

And every time you complete one of our two-minute feedback forms, or take a few minutes to talk to one of us, you earn yourself free NEED/DONE Go-to credit – freebie hours you can use on anything that you need, on us!

Can I invite a friend?

Yes of course! That’s actually the easiest way to grow your village and get the bolstered support you need. And every new friend earns you some extra NEED/DONE credit you can put toward your next task. Once you hit an hour, you can redeem it against anything you like. Feel free to contact us for further details (Home>Contact Us.)