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We generally think about workplace inequality as being defined by an imbalance between the sexes —

women fighting against the oppressive current of worker policies written by male-dominated establishments, preventing them from excelling at their careers the way that their male colleagues can. We also like to think that, after decades of pounding against the proverbial glass ceiling, women have made admirable strides in dismantling these policies and attitudes. The way has been paved as a new generation of women are now beginning to occupy their rightful places in the C-suite. But why are they still confronted by so much unabashed resentment?

Perhaps we need to reexamine the source of that hostility.

In this HuffPo entry, Rachael Ellison lays out the profound generational gap that exists between older and younger female professionals. She draws from her experience as a work-life advocate and coach to female executives to illustrate how senior female leadership imposes a new type of glass ceiling and often dismisses their junior cohorts.

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