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This week’s NEED/DONE SHARES spotlights one of our community’s stand-out Go-to helpers – FARRAH CINE



Farrah is one of CEO Leslie Walker’s tried and true Go-tos,  someone who’s available to the entire network (when you select All Network Go-tos in the NEED/DONE app). Many of our parent-users are already familiar with her as she is often a first-responder to their babysitting needs. On top of that, she’s a well-rounded helper for a bunch of tasks like cooking or running errands.

Leslie has so much to say about Farrah that we couldn’t contain it in one quote:

Farrah got Lulu to the doctor’s in time for an appointment I had to make on the same day. She met me there promptly as I managed to squeeze us in between school and her piano lesson. Racing from work to meet them there was a lot easier knowing Farrah was in charge. Total star.

Followed by…

Farrah can cook. What a blessing when Ben’s out of town and I am getting home too late to make anything for dinner. (It beats mac n cheese 5x in a row!) And the best part is coming home to everything already put away in the dishwasher / Lulu’s school lunch made for the next day. Thank you, Farrah!

And Leslie’s not the only one who’s excited about Farrah. Here’s what Mimi F. has to say:

My kids didn’t want her to go! Farrah saved me at the last minute when our regular sitter called in sick. She was masterful in making the kids immediately comfortable and I was able to rush out the door to work. I highly recommend her!

The kids at Julie F’s house are totally hooked on her, too:

My kids (11, 8 and 5) were super happy with Farrah who watched them while we went out for a fashion week event. Equally important, we were very confident leaving our kids with someone we found through NEED/DONE App. Farrah had exactly what we wanted in a babysitter: reliable, enthusiastic, professional and my children had a lot of fun!

Indeed, Farrah is well-loved by the families that have depended on her help, and she’s on standby to help new ones. As long as you select All Network Go-tos when you use the app, chances are you’ll see Farrah apply to your job. And chances are that she won’t disappoint you.

So, thank you, Farrah, and don’t stop being awesome!

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