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Leslie Ali Walker

NEED/DONE CEO & Mother of Lulu, age 7

Usually needs help with:

Feeding myself/Running a company

Describe your life in 3 words:

Remember. To. Breathe.

Who do you most admire or look to as a working mom?

The ones who are smart enough to say no when they know they won’t be able to do it well. To me it’s show of respect to what they choose to get involved with, be it organizing a play date, changing the oil in the car, or handling a pitch.

Once your kids are grown, what do you think you’ll remember as the quintessential working parent moment?

Being really tired, all the time. And leaving the house when it was still dark. I went to work with two different colored shoes (black/navy) once; didn’t even clock it until after lunch.

No working parent does this alone, who would you be lost without?

My husband. Or the guy who delivers the cat food, bottled water and TP every couple weeks. It’s a toss up.

Before you had kids, what was your biggest misconception about working moms?

That they were too scattered to be relied upon. Maybe a bit lazy too. (Wow. Yeah. I did.)

If you could change 3 things about being a working parent in this country, what would they be?

I’d only change one thing; I’d like us all to stop pretending that our jobs are anywhere near as important as our families.

What do you hope your kids take away from the experience of watching you juggle home and work?

Nothing. It’s not pretty.

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