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If you’re one of the lucky souls who has been invited to the NEED/DONE Village, this one’s for you! We want to reassure you that asking for help is simple and is the first step to lightening the burden of your daily overwhelm. This article will show you how you can start using the app to find the help you need by making a Job Request and hiring a Go-to helper.



  1. Press the big orange Help button. This will Add a Need (pictured as To-do), which is a requested task that’s tracked on a running list in the app. As you make add your needs, you can monitor which requests are pending and which ones are done.
  2. Describe the job. Do you need someone to babysit on date night? Do you need your closet reorganized? Do you need some one to drop off your dog at the groomers and run some errands? Just ask. You are only limited by your needs and imagination.
  3. Pick your level of trust. We understand that kids and home are sensitive topics, therefore you can control how many people in the network will see your request. Whether it’s your regular Go-to helpers, yours and and your friends’ Go-tos, or all the Go-tos in NEED/DONE, know that there is always someone here to help.
  4. Select a category. Personal/In-person help refers to odd jobs like cleaning or dog walking. Sitting is strictly for child care, and the rate varies depending on the number of children you have.
  5. Provide an address. It’s important to add your neighborhood. Your full address will only be exposed to the person that you hire and only until the end of that job.
  6. Choose the date and time. There is a 2 hour minimum for all jobs.
  7. Hit the Submit button. This will send out a notification blast to all the potential Go-tos for this job. You’ll see this job listed in the My Needs feed, and its status is marked as “Awaiting Responses!”



  1. Watch out for notifications. When Go-tos are available, you’ll receive a push notification, and you’ll also see a little badge notification in your To-dos List.
  2. Check out who’s available. When you tap on the profile heads in the To-dos List, you’ll see a pop-up displaying who has answered your request. From here you can check out a Go-to’s Profile and Reviews. You can even start a chat with them in case you need to clarify the job details or you want to introduce yourself.
  3. Hit the hire button. From that same display, you can hire your desired Go-to. A confirmation pop-up will show you who you’re about to hire and the cost of the overall job. A 5% fee is added if you are hiring someone else’s regular Go-to.
  4. Help is on the way. You’re done, and you didn’t have to scramble to get there!


The NEED/DONE app is available for iOS in the App Store. Although we’re currently servicing several neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens, we’re sure to come to a town near you. Download the app today.

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