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Lighten the burden of your daily overwhelm with the help of our app. This article and animated demo will show you how you can start using the app to find the help you need by making a job request, and hiring a Go-to helper whenever you need a hand.



  1. Press the big orange Help button. Then fill in the Need/Job details so you can put your request out to good, dependable Go-tos your friends like and trust. All jobs are stored conveniently under your MY NEEDS tab, so you can track, change, or edit any job up until an hour before it starts.
  2. Describe what you need. Do you need a sitter on date nightor make sure the homework gets done after school? Do you need your closet reorganized, or just someone to do the shopping and re-parking your car on street cleaning day? Put it all down. Someone may just pick it up.
  3. Pick your level of trust.
    Pick the kind of help you think is right for the job at hand. Ask for your regular Go-to if it’s for your baby, or ask your Go-to and your friend’s Go-tos too if it involves older kids, pet care, or food shopping.
  4. Select a category. Choose from “Babysitting” or “Home Help”. Or even “Other” for tasks that need a customized hourly rate like piano lessons, weekend house sitting, or making a big pot of soup.
  5. Provide an address. It’s important to add your neighborhood so Go-tos can quickly tell where it is. Please know that the full address (along with personal information you have put in your profile) is never exposed to anyone but the person you decide to hire and then only for the duration of the job.
  6. Choose the date and time.
  7. Hit the Submit button. This will send out a notification blast to all the potential Go-tos for this job. You’ll see this job listed in the My Needs feed, and its status is marked as “Awaiting Responses!”



  1. Watch out for notifications. When Go-tos are available, you’ll receive a push notification, and you’ll also see a little badge notification on the little cartoon head of your pending request in your MY NEED list. The number indicates how many Go-tos have responded.
  2. Check out who’s available. When you tap on the cartoon head , you’ll see a pop-up displaying who has answered your request and their star rating. From here you can check out a their Profile and Reviews. You can even start a chat with them in case you need to clarify the job details or you want to introduce yourself.
  3. Hit the hire button. From that same display, you can hire your desired Go-to. A confirmation pop-up will show you who you’re about to hire and the cost of the overall job.
  4. Help is on the way. You’re done, and you didn’t have to scramble to get there!


The NEED/DONE app is available for iOS in the App Store. Each new zip code enables us to bring its services to your neighborhood. Download the app today!

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